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Josh Hardin

“As a fifth-generation farmer and an agricultural educator, I believe that we cannot be successful at cultivating any crop without learning deeply what is required of the people, the soil, and the market… each piece of the supply chain must be efficient and focused.”

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Nathan Hart

“We believe in a relationship where we take care of the soils, healthy soils produce healthy vegetation which produces healthy products for human consumption. ”

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Roger Jock

“As many of our traditions, cultivation has been passed down from generation to generation, NACA is operated in the spirit of the tribal alliances formed hundreds of years ago with the benefit of modern technology. We invite our fellow tribes to explore joining NACA to activate the next generation of indigenous farmers and secure sovereignty for all.”

Roger Jock
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We aim to empower indigenous farmers to seize the ample opportunities the cannabis industry presents. Join us, as we build a collaborative, competitive, perfectly unconventional supply chain.


The cannabis industry is experiencing explosive growth, but the opportunity is not shared equally. We here at NACA envision a changed landscape, in which indigenous farmers are given the resources and connections to make an impact in the space. We will apply the lessons learned from lifetimes in agriculture, CPG, and technology to create the most customer-centric and sustainable ecosystem, all with passionate indigenous growers, processors, and deliverers leading the charge.


Everscore is the world’s most advanced marketplace for THC and CBD products, enabling consumers to discover, experience, and enjoy the benefits of cannabis. It should be self-evident that nothing is more fundamental to the success of Everscore – or the cannabis industry – than the cannabis plant itself. 

For many Native American tribes, cannabis has historically been a source of sustenance, healing, and spiritual power. These traditions exist today, but they exist under tremendous pressure. Decades of the demonization of cannabis (not to mention the subjugation of an entire race) have done immeasurable harm to indigenous farmers, their families, and way of life.

Many see the resurgence of cannabis in all its forms as an opportunity to revitalize communities and empower Native Sovereignty. But, there’s a real risk that the wealth created by cannabis will not find its way back to the farmer, or worse, bypass them all together. 

Simply put, the story and purpose of the Native American Cannabis Alliance (NACA) is to ensure that an equitable, sustainable, and direct pathway exists between Native Americans and the cannabis industry.

Together, we will give indigenous peoples (many of whom have now regained possession of their rightful lands) advantaged access to the technological tools and delivery systems they need, to get the hemp they cultivate into the hands of buyers.


Indigenous peoples bring:

– Tradition of growing high-quality crops
– More than 1 million committed acres of farmland
– Processing, transportation, and logistics facilities
– Successful banking operations
– Unique lack of federal red tape and regulation

Everscore brings:
– High-performance customer acquisition in every local market
– Unified supply chain and enhanced consumer confidence
– Irresistible retail experiences that attract more brands
– Predictable purchasing of more production from indigenous farmers


Our organization is designed to support Native American tribes and
their people in reclaiming their culture’s legacy of cultivation. In the
process, they will turn a profit while helping consumers across the
country rediscover the great positives of cannabis.

Whether you are the leader of a tribe or a member of one, we encourage you to reach out to us via the contact form below.

“As hemp and cannabis are reintroduced after generations of misunderstanding, we knew that education and collaboration would be critical in reducing the fragmentation of this industry,”
Jeff Sampson
CEO and Founder of Everscore
“Our marketplace uses data to bridge these gaps and unify the ecosystem, providing the necessary demand for indigenous farmers to grow with confidence.

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